Crack Spotify Premium – How to Crack Spotify

How to Crack Spotify - Crack Spotify Premium

How to Crack Spotify Premium – Spotify Premium Crack

If you are looking for a guide on How to Crack Spotify and get Cracked Spotify Premium accounts then you’ve come to the right place. In this short article we will guide you through step by step on How to Crack Spotify to receive lifetime Premium membership. Using our cracking tool you can crack over 20 different websites which offer premium accounts. The tool is called AccountReaper. It’s created to brute-force accounts using lists of username and password combinations. If you’d like to watch a video on how AccountReaper works instead of reading an article, that’s fine! Take a look at the video below.

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Using AccountReaper to Crack Spotify – Premium Accounts

AccountReaper is a phenomenal tool designed to get you premium accounts as fast as possible. First step is to purchase the tool. It costs only $16.99 for a lifetime license, however there is a 7 day license created as a trial for you to test, it costs as low as $6.99. After you have purchased AccountReaper and received your license copy, start the tool and activate your license. Make sure that you have a 64 bit OS and CPU otherwise you might have some issues Cracking Spotify.


Crack Spotify Premium with Account Reaper
Crack Spotify Premium with Account Reaper

Getting started with Cracking Spotify Premium Accounts

Ok, now that you have set up your copy of AccountReaper, it’s time to start cracking some spotify premium accounts. First thing you will need are combolists (combinations of username and password), some combolists are provided with AccountReaper. However there are many forums out there such as where people share tons of combolists. Second thing you will need to Crack Spotify are proxies. Proxies are used so that you can test huge amount of combos simultaneously without being blocked by server (in this case Spotify). AccountReaper has a built in proxy finder which will scrape the internet for working proxies that you can use. Make sure to test them before. Then go to options and enable “Use Proxies” option.

After you have enabled proxies you need to select which modules (websites) you want to Crack with AccountReaper. Go to modules tab and search for Spotify module. Make sure to enable both “Enable” and “Capture Data” options. Now go back to the main tab, select load combos and pick any combolist that you have. When importing combolists is complete you are ready to start Cracking Spotify Premium accounts. Simply press start and AccountReaper will begin to test combolist and provide you with Cracked Spotify Accounts. In the data section you can see if Cracked Spotify Account has premium membership and if it does it will also display when it expires, renewal status and much more.

Cracked Spotify Premium Accounts obtained with Account Reaper
Cracked Spotify Premium Accounts obtained with Account Reaper

Final thoughts on AccountReaper

Congratulations, you’ve come to the end of this short guide on How to Crack Spotify. If you have any other questions or face issues with AccountReaper please let us know. We believe everyone deserves to have their own Spotify Premium Account for free. ¬†You can purchase AccountReaper here.