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How To Crack Spotify Accounts with AccountReaper

How To Crack Spotify Accounts with AccountReaper

AccountReaper is the best Spotify Cracker on the internet. In just a couple of minutes of using it you will receive hundreds of Spotify Accounts. Spotify Premium Accounts are very valuable because they give you extra features. If you want you can purchase premium membership that costs at least $7 a month. Other way to get Cracked Spotify Accounts is through using our Spotify Cracker. Since you are reading this article we assume you want to learn How To Crack Spotify Accounts and get free Spotify Premium. Fear not, getting spotify accounts is very easy, it can be done in 3 simple steps we explain below.

Find out How To Crack Spotify Accounts using AccountReaper
Find out How To Crack Spotify Accounts using AccountReaper

Using AccountReaper To Crack Spotify Accounts

Now we will teach you How To Crack Spotify Accounts in 3 simple steps. First thing you do is open AccountReaper, then you load combolists. We provide you with over 30 million combolists if you purchase lifetime AccountReaper license key. Go to General tab and click on Import From File. Then select any combolist file found inside Combolists folder. Now you are ready for step 2.

To Crack Spotify Accounts you need a lot of proxies. Use AccountReaper proxy scraper to find proxies online. Then click on “Test Proxies” button. Wait a few minutes until AccountReaper is finished with testing proxies. Now click on “Keep only working”. You now have enough proxies to Crack Spotify Premium Accounts.

How To Crack Spotify Accounts Load Combolist in AccountReaper
How To Crack Spotify Accounts Load Combolist in AccountReaper


Starting AccountReaper – Crack Spotify Premium Accounts

Now you are ready to start Cracking Spotify Premium Accounts. Make sure that Spotify module is enabled by going to “Modules” tab and enabling Spotify module as well as “Capture Data” on it. Go back to General tab and press Start. AccountReaper will begin to test your combolists and Crack Spotify Accounts.

Few moments later and you have tons of Cracked Spotify Accounts

If you did everything as we stated, then you should have over hundred different Cracked Spotify Accounts all with Spotify Premium membership. Please remember that these Spotify Accounts are Cracked Spotify Accounts and that you shouldn’t change the password for them because original owner might recover them. It’s best to Crack Spotify Family accounts and invite yourself to the family group to get spotify premium memberhsip.

Help – I can’t Crack Spotify Account

Fear not, everyone has troubles when they are learning something new. Check out our youtube channel to learn more about How To Crack Spotify Accounts using AccountReaper, there are over 10 tutorials you can take a look at. All made by our awesome customers! Below you can find a tutorial which guides you step by step on How to Crack Spotify Accounts.